The College of Biochemists of Sri Lanka was established on 31st of August 2013 in order to overcome the lack of an academic headquarters for bringing together Biochemists and Molecular Biologists in Sri Lanka, where they may work together for the development of the discipline and related research activities.

The establishment of the College was initiated by Prof. Rasika Perera and Prof. Sugandhika Suresh, together with several like-minded young Biochemists and Molecular Biologists from the Universities of Sri Jayewardenepura, Colombo, Rajarata and Peradeniya. The process was hastened following communication with the then-Secretary General and President of FAOBMB, Prof. Philip Nagley and Prof. Andrew Wang respectively. Prof. Rasika Perera, who was instrumental in drawing up the constitution of CBSL and he was elected as the Founder President and Dr. Usha Hettiaratchi functioned as the Founder Secretary.

Affiliation of the CBSL to FAOBMB as a constituent member was coordinated by Prof. Sugandhika Suresh who had established communication with FAOBMB and IUBMB following attendance in an IUBMB Advanced School. Prof. Angelo Azzi, former IUBMB President and Prof. Michael Walsh, for Secretary General of IUBMB have encouraged the formation of CBSL.

Since then, the President/Secretary has been attending the council meetings of FAOBMB annually, and we have maintained cordial interactions with our regional counterparts.